ECHOECHO is a traveling partyconcept by dj's KOSA & KAUS.

Kaus & Kosa started mixing hardcore gabber records on crappy turntables around '95 . Now more than 15 years later their style evolved to a more eclectic one, influenced by a wide range of music styles. While Kosa journeyed through bossa nova, played at illegal raves and explored the wonderful world of jazz music, Kaus got more into hip hop, drum&bass and raw funk and soul. Their paths crossed again when they discovered their common passion for disco music around 2003. Heavily influenced by underground pioneers like I-F, Loud-E, David Vunk and Seutek they started expanding their vinyl collection with late '70s/early '80s disco, italo rarities and electro bombs.

While their sets vary from obscure disco and electro, old school techno and acid, parkzicht knallers and italo jewels, soulful garage classics and even some minimal hits, they are always raw, eclectic and sexy and set the mood to burn the dancefloor.

In 2009 they founded the travelling concept ECHOECHO which makes a cosmic voyage from venue to venue, leaving its marks in the memories of those who danced their feet off. Their shows have been rare at some times and showed up at surprising events but remain well known amongst those who know!